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It's almost December

What happened in 2021? What's going to happen in 2022? I honestly have no idea, but I wrote about it anyway.
published November 30, 2021

Every December, I like to reflect on the year and look forward to the next. You won't find any mention of these "unprecedented times" in here. I'm sure everyone gets enough of that elsewhere.


Super Good has grown to seventeen people, and we're still looking to add more. I'm sure it's a surprise to no one, but it's a good time to be in eCommerce. I'm really proud of the work the team is doing. We've got some really cool, talented people. I couldn't be more grateful that they've joined our team and the clients who've selected us as their development partner. We're pretty well booked up through 2022 with some really neat projects and are working on a redesign of our site that I can't wait to share.

Amy, Roxie and I have moved from the 'burbs to an apartment downtown. It's a really great size place and the proximity to restaurants, friends, and everything else has been great for us.

For the month of December, my plan is to consciously focus a little more on things that matter. To that end, I'm going into write-only mode on social media until 2022. I'll respond to comments and tweets, but I won't be browsing. Also, if you see something weird with who I'm following on Twitter, it's because I normally just browse my Twitter lists, not my timeline.

Additionally, I'm doing Advent of Code again this year. You should be able to find me on stream tonight shortly before 9pm Pacific. No weird gimmicks this year. Last year's experiment with TCR was fun, but this time around I'm just going to be focusing on TDD and regular object oriented principles. It'll be fun, so come hang out!


Looking forward to 2022, I'm not going to speculate too much. I've got various visions for where I want to take Super Good, but I'll leave that topic for elsewhere.

I'm ostensibly going to see some of my favourite bands next year. I've got tickets for both Rage Against the Machine and Windhand. Hopefully those shows see the light of day.

Now that I don't have a gym in my basement, I'm setting up a gym membership again and getting back into lifting. During 2020 I hit some personal bests, but then fell off when I injured myself. I want to get back there, so I'll be taking it pretty slow to avoid a repeat injury.

I attempted a 10km run the other day too. I made it just over 7km before my IT band told me I needed to stop, but that still felt good. I'll have to work my way up. My brain and my joints don't really agree on how great running is.